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Backing up files often – Good, Better or Best?

Data storage and backup can be worrisome for business owners. Inappropriate plans for moving, sharing and backing up data needs revision to avoid disaster. Even if you're backing up your business-related files already, it might not be happening as often as it should. If you want to keep your files safe and up-to-date, backing up once a week or even once a day isn't enough.

Put your data in Purple Drive’s hands

But now it's time to have zero worries by placing your data in our hands. With Purple Drive, we take care of your backups and ensure that your business can all take advantage to what cloud has to offer. From your central administrative control panel, you can oversee how your business not only backs up its files, but you can give your team the function to share and collaborate on projects without a glitch. Purple Drive keeps your team connected!

Purple Drive Business Plan

Think of the cost of losing your business’ important documents. You probably don’t want that to happen, right? Purple Drive offers the most affordable Azure Certified cloud backup having wide array of plans, so whatever your backup needs are, there’s a budget-friendly plan to keep your files protected.

You can customize our standard plans to suit your business goals. You can also add more devices or space to your plan.

Here’s our plan starts:

100 GB - 5 Computer Licenses from $2.50 per month

300 GB - 10 Computer Licenses from $5.50 per month

500 GB - 15 Computer Licenses from $10.50 per month

To add more space:

Per 100GB costs $2.50

To add more licenses:

Per 5 Computer Licenses costs $2.50

What does Purple Drive’s plan features include?

  • - Easy Search Tool
  • - Remote File Transfer
  • - Edit Documents Online
  • - Online File Sharing
  • - SSL Encryption
  • - Public File Password
  • - Multi-User Accounts (up to 150 max)
  • - Android / Apple iOS App
  • - 24/7 Technical Support

We also offer one (1) month free trial on our standard and custom data backup Business Plans. Purple Drive’s business plans are designed to meet business’ specific goals, budget and objectives. Through this, it will serve as a way for businesses and its associates to avail our first-rate cloud storage solution to store, manage, share and backup files simply and securely.

Purple Drive cloud storage is a never-ending storage. Backup endlessly now.